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Welcome to an experiment. A read/rite risk. A web 2.0 tinker.

Some of you may read blogs for education or entertainment. Your students may use blogs in courses you teach. You may use a blog for personal reflection, knowledge management or peer collaboration.

But have you ever blogged a conference? That is what we are trying out during ODCE 2006.

Blogs will certainly be part of our conversations during this conference as we consider the changes in pedagogy that the many tools for self-publishing and online networking allow.

Please consider making this blog your doorway to ongoing conversation about the ideas, issues and challenges we consider in the sessions, keynote addresses, and conversations with vendors and peers.

A team of volunteer bloggers will offer their reflections and provide discussion prompts throughout the conference. Take advantage of the comments section to offer your thoughts. If you have a blog, please trackback to our posts so we can track the conversation as it spreads through the web. Also include the technorati tag "ODCE" in your post to help us search Technorati for posts about the conference. (Here is the code: Technorati Tags: .)

Are you using blogs? What do you think of blogging the conference? How can we use online tools to deepen and extend our conversations? How can we use these tools to make Ohio the "outstanding model for the nation in creativity, collaboration, and emerging knowledge in the area of e-learning?" We can't wait to learn from you!

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At 6:53 PM, March 01, 2006, Blogger Kate Carey said...

It's just days before annual conference and the buzz is building. In the OLN offices, new t-shirts arrived carrying the slogan - "It's All About the Learning"... and it is, right?
We're excited about seeing everyone -- connecting with new and continuing friends and colleagues, hearing JSB, Mark Taylor, and our own Rod Chu, visiting the vendors to see new wares and tools, and soaking up all the great ideas and activities running around Ohio. We're a darn dynamic state changing the face of education! Some days it feels like one freckle at a time...
I wish all y'all a great conference adventure. And for those of you unable to join us in Columbus this year, take heart, the blogs promise a running commentary on the events, the people, and the excitement!

At 10:36 AM, March 07, 2006, Anonymous Wm. Beasley said...

I really like the idea of blogging a conference; I'm delighted to see that we're trying it here.

In order to integrate something into my teaching, I generally have to first integrate it into my own learning. I typically carry a laptop at conferences, and when sitting in a session accompany my listening with browsing web sites mentioned by the presenter(s) or searching out (and bookmarking) follow-up info to points which really catch my interest. For me, this really enriches each section and in addition gives me greatly enhanced "take-away" content.

I'm still grappling with role of blogging in this process; I sit here in sessions, and find the content to which I'm listening summarized before my eyes, and gain the ability to comment before the speaker has even finished. On the one hand, I really like the idea of carrying on a parallel (relevant) conversation with other interested folks. On the other hand, it feels a lot like passing notes in class, even if they are relevant notes.

I'm still trying to figure out whether blogging live works for me, or whether I should restrict my participation to after the fact, for help with the digestive process.

And that determination will most likely guide the way in which I use it with my students as well. Do I want them blogging my class during my class? Or afterward? Or both?


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