A Wiki is not a character in Star Wars

Check out the conference wiki at: Wikispaces The focus of the wiki is filling in the details of the question you were asked when you registered:
Imagine it is the year 2010. Ohio has become an outstanding model for the nation in creativity, collaboration, and emerging knowledge in the area of e-learning. What open doors made this possible?
You will notice the wiki update box in the upper right of this blog. This is a live picture of what sections have recently been edited in the wiki. Click on a text link or the wiki logo to go to the wiki. Create an account to add and edit.

New to wikis?

A wiki is a web page that anyone with permission to edit can edit. It's name comes from a Hawaiian word meaning quick. And it is, indeed, quick and easy to create and edit a wiki. Here is a great video overview of wikis. Our wiki is a public wiki so anyone in the world can contribute to it.

Wikis are a form of social software. They create an online space for collaboration and co-creation. One author makes a submission, then another adds to it. Subsequent authors may add to or edit what has been written. If someone does not like a change, it is possible to revert to previous version of the page. Many wikis provide a discussion page where disagreements over content can be hashed out. This is the process in place on the most well-known example of a wiki: Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that now has nearly a million entries in the English language version.

How else are wikis used? Well, I'd love to hear how attendees of this conference are using wikis. What are effective uses of wikis? What are key ingredients to making wikis work well? What are the limits and potential of this technology? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Could our wiki be a blueprint for progress here in Ohio? It will only be as valuable as the time and energy invested in it. So, please, try out the wiki!

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