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Mark Taylor Interview

I was glad to have the chance to meet Mark Taylor and conduct a brief interview with him between the keynote and his afternoon session. I hope our brief chat is a useful addition to his valuable contributions at the conference. Here is the 8MB MP3 file. If you use iTunes, subscribe to the feed for this blog to automatically load the file into iTunes.

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Dr. Mark Taylor - hmm.

Dr. Mark Taylor's keynote on Tuesday was very entertaining, no question. I was very interested in his afternoon presentation on pedagogy for the postmodern "Gen NeXt" student. It, too was was entertainihng and informative. But on the way home that evening, something kept nagging at me.

I realized that the instructional techniques he advocated - making the content relevant to the learner, engaging the learner in authentic, meaningful activities - is really nothing new. We've been talking about that in terms of educating adult learners for a long time.

That's good news - the same techniques that work for our non-traditional adult students also seem to be tailor-made to reach the young adults in our classrooms as well. Might we just call it "effective teaching?"

The bad news is that there's STILL a market for someone to travel around the country telling this to teachers and administrators.

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I'd like to discuss the blogging experience that we had at the conference. What were the reactions? Did you find it engaged you in the sessions more or less? I'd love to hear what you are thinking.

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Learning Spaces (UD)

Seems that the key to this session is FLEXIBLE SPACES.

Kent State is also doing a similar project: especially the learning commons context.

UD: Ohio's largest private university, 95% residential, quite community oriented (like MC),

They have a "green classroom." woulndt' this be a gret way to integrate community and living for environmental sciences?

DEEP (George Kuh)"
Livinfg mission
focus on stud. learning
pathywas to success
improvement oriented ethos
Shared responsiblity

Barr and Tagg (1995): I need to look up their work!! Switching from a teaching model to a learning model.

Space matters, and how we develop space matters!

We need to consciously think about how we use Learning Spaces (nee Classrooms).

community-centerted planning in the building process:

  • invite stakeholders

  • have a patient and talented leader

  • understanding differences in perspective

  • open space for honesty

  • eliminate roadblocks to team learning

  • balance for patience and performance

From hallways to pathways

Evolution from classreoom to studie to learning complexes (how rooms relate)

Questin for student and faculty: "WHat would be the ideal learning space?" Note to self: Focus group? Perhaps talk to Liane about a focus group?

Note to self: FDC selects courses to be taught in the studio classrooms--great idea!

it's an improtant shift to learning per square foot.

CORE program: way to take GenEd courses around a theme(interdisciplinary). Has some learning community components, as well as flexible scheduling. They are expanding the learning communities beyond the CORE program.

It's about blurring the line between in-class and out-of-class learning.

Technology also assists in blurring/expanding the learning environments.

Dr. Wright is lecturing less, yet the students are learning more.

Creating new ways of learning. Technology is an important part fo that.

They are changing the model of teaching and learning from a model of transmission (faculty--->students) into a recursive situation in which students and teachers are learning from each other, and from the ones in other roles.

Hide technology so that it doesn't walk away.

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OLN Road Show

Welcome to the OLN Road Show! Cable, Sheryl, and George will provide an overview of OLN projects. We will also be monitoring comments on this Blog throughout the presentation. Please click on "Comment" and we will shout out your good ideas ;)