Problem-based learning

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Great point, and one that can't be too often emphasized: Let the teaching drive the technology, not vice versa. Focus on creating valuable learning experiences for the students.

The principles of online instructional design that Bonnie's postulating now are pretty doggone similar to Chickering and Gamson (1986). It may be "old" research, but it's still the most relevant, and really the only things that we know absolutely for sure from a quantitative standpoint.

Here is a link to the problem-based learning modules online: http://infowizard.lms.kent.edu I love the fact that they're using PBL across the curriculum, and not just in the medical field.

Yay! The PowerPoint will be up, and they've done an excellent job of grounding PBL and aligning it with principles of good practice (PGP).

Another thing I like about this is that the modules are unified into a session, but that they can also be disaggregated (such as the Rules and Regulations module on proper citation) and used by other courses. I love the fact that folks are making items granular enough to be used as true learning objects.

Reflection for traditional students using PBL: can this work and how can it work well?

Hmmm... if they're doing group research, might a wiki work well? Just a thought....


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