John Seely Brown Interview

Download John Seely Brown Interview at ODCE '06

[Update 3/15/06: A more packaged version of this interview is posted to Learning Curve.]

Audio file - apprx. 18 minutes

Today is the first day of the ODCE 2006 conference, and we were fortunate enough to have John Seely Brown - author, consulting and former head of Xerox PARC - address the convention as our keynoter. Following the speech, Rich James of Columbus State Community College interviewed Brown with some follow-up questions about putting his ideas to work. That podcast is presented here.

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At 10:11 AM, March 07, 2006, Anonymous Wm. Beasley said...

One of the topics we've been discussing is accessibility to online content (especially podcasts) for individuals with disabilities.

I know that the JSB interview is not a podcast as such, but as an audio file it would be great if it could either be provided in a captioned form (possibly through Via-Voice or Dragon or something similar?) or as a transcript for those in the audience who might have hearing impairments.

I acknowledge that this is not necessarily easy to do; just wish to raise the point that we should always be thinking of this.


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