Podcasting from ODCE

Podcasting is - simply - a beautiful way to bring audio (and sometimes video) to the Web for the same easy distribution we have had for text and graphics.

A podcast is an audio file that can be downloaded to a computer - or any number of other devices - and played at the leisure of the listener. Think of a podcast as a radio show. Except it's not "on" at a time scheduled by a network - it's available when you want to listen. Using the tool called RSS - you will always know that a new show, or podcast, is available and ready to download to add to your collection available for listening. I have been producing a podcast for a short while at the Ohio IT Now blog - and it has become a very rewarding project.

ODCE is a terrific opportunity to meet and talk with a variety of talented people who have terrific ideas and share common interests. So we're going to take advantage of the meeting to talk with a few of them and record these conversations - for podcasts to be posted later. We will have a small recording studio set up in the Internet Cafe area - couple of microphones and a laptop - my, my, how the world of radio has changed! - and would welcome your dropping by to say hello (between recording of conversations).

New opportunities in education can be built on the availability of all forms of content via a widely accessible communications medium. We want to take advantage of as many of those communication vehicles as we can, to make the ODCE conference - during and even after the event - as productive and useful as possible!

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