JSB and the great disconnnect

JSB has charted where we need to go to for all of us to thrive in a pervasively networked and flat world: informal situated learning, digital vernacular, peer-based communities, mentor instead of leacture, learn to be instead of learn about.

I am struck with how incredibly far this is from how many of our students experience their "schooling," especiallly in the k-12 area. In many schools, the network -- blogs, myspace, peer to peer, IM, podcasts -- is blocked or routed to low priority on the network. They are taught "standards" that all must know instead of cultivating the capcity to specialize.

Meanwhile we have no national broadband policy and a regulatory train rumbling toward the creation of a two-tiered internet.

Do wee need a serious change of course? How disruptive will this be?

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At 11:15 AM, March 06, 2006, Blogger Rich Bowers said...

I'minclined to think we should look for the most disruptive possible next-steps. From chaos arises opportunity - and the real problem is that we all - educators, parents (and by extensions, the kids of parents), legislators and everybody else - we are all just WAY TOO COMFORTABLE with simply identifying that we have a problem. We need to start using our common sense, throwint out the barriers and start building bridges and towers ...


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