Catching up a bit

Back at the hotel. The desk is exactly the wrong height for typing on this $#&$(^$@ Thinkpad "chicklet" keyboard, so this will be brief.

My battery ran out near the end of JSB's keynote. The questions at the end were very interesting, especially one concerning how the new emphasis on online community might be opening more doors to women in technology.

The Nosh-n-Network lunch group for instructional designers worked pretty well, though a couple of folks weren't able to find our table. Should've put up a sign... There was expressed a STRONG interest in having a threaded discussion at OLN for ID. Andrea, Cable, Sheryl...?

The session by fellow OLN list moderator Karen Swan on optimizing online discussions was *very* informative. Memo to self - MUST pass on this info to the faculty I work with. Likewise, Ryan Wolley's session on student peer review of writing, especially as applied to writing in the disciplines. The "conversation about quality in online learning" was a bit guarded. The reason became clear to me when Albert "Chip" Ingram asked how folks do reviews of online courses. One person volunteered, "Well, when I am asked by a faculty member to review their course...." and the room tittered with nervous, knowing laughter. It's a delicate dance we do, n'est c'est pas?

At any conference you go to, there's at least one session that you pass up but should not have. This year, it looks like I missed out on a couple - Laura Little's session on games, and Phyllis Ennist and Vandana Rola's session on learning objects. In my defense, they were both scheduled at the same time as the "Whose Tutorial" session, which I'd been specifically asked to attend.

But as Miz Scarlett said, "Tomorrow... is another day." See you then.
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At 8:21 AM, March 07, 2006, Blogger Laura said...

THanks for the compliment, Corrie! I'm glad to hear that it was well-received.

At 8:31 AM, March 07, 2006, Blogger Laura said...

On another topic, I thought that we had an instructional designers' list with Karen Swan's list????


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