The Power of Scooby Snacks

The team from OSU gave a really fun presentation this morning. They used the characters and situations in the cartoons we grew up watching as a way of seeing the many challenges of teaching and learning with technology.

My favorite analogy is Wiley Coyote. The hapless predator continued to rely on technology (and the same ACME vendor!) instead of his own innate intelligence.

We were impressed with how many details we could recall from the cartoons. That speaks to the power of using culturally familiar and relevant language to express our ideas. Remember that when teaching the Net Generation.

There was so much more I can't begin to capture here with the same spirit as the session. I guess what I appreciate most about this session was the chance to talk about our work in a fun but meaningful way by adopting an unconventional frame of reference to make meaning out of our work. It was a refreshing escape from the jargon and mental models we work with every day. And doing so opened some mental doorways to see our work with a fresh light.

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